A wii league for Madden 09
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 List of things supposedly fixed For wii 10'

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PostSubject: List of things supposedly fixed For wii 10'   Wed Feb 18, 2009 2:27 am


– Franchise: Free Agent Signing: Saving during the middle of Free Agent Signing causes the users Franchise save to become corrupted

– Online: In Game: It is very difficult to perform a bullet pass

– Online: In Game: The playbook chosen in online team select are not those taken into game

– Play Now: In Game: When attempting to perform a power move with the Ball Carrier they will often stop before doing the maneuver

In Progress:

1) Online: In game: After several DNFs it can be difficult or impossible to get a straight kick/punt

2) In Game Pause Menu: Coaching Strategy: Auto re- ordering the depth chart will cause injured players to be placed back in their starting positions despite the injury

3) Online: Lobby: Lobbies appear empty until a game is created making them rarely used

4) Franchise: Stat/Info: The user is unable to sort by any stats on the Individual Stats screen

5) Online: General: There is no information available regarding the opponents DNF or other stats

6) Play Now: In Game: The user will frequently receive face mask penalties without ever seeing an animation that touches the ball carriers face mask

7) Play Now: In Game: Occasionally a player on offense will start walking around the field holding their hand out as if handing the ball to the ref when attempting to run no huddle

Cool Play Now: In Game: There are multiple issues with QB Avoidance in game

9) Play Now: In Game: There are no call outs listed to inform the user that they can press the 1 button while controlling a receiver to call for ball

10) Play Now: In Game: Missing weather effects

11) Play Now: In Game: There are multiple issues with QB Avoidance

Under Investigation:

1) Online: In Game: Holding and clipping and false start penalties are being called too often

2) Online: Stats: Kick return yards and win/loss streaks are not tracking properly

3) Online: In Game: Having a fumble reversed by a challenge causes multiple issues

4) Online: In Game: No credit for opponent disconnects and quits

5) Online: Global: Connectivity issues with EA Servers

6) Play Now: In Game: DB coverage is ineffective

7) Play Now: In Game: Defenders are unable to help tackle a player engaged in a break tackle event

Cool Play Now: In Game: The stiff arm gesture is difficult to perform

9) Play Now: In Game: Pass interference is being called at inappropriate times

10) Online: In Game: Users can endlessly ask for a Friendly Qui from the pause menu

11) Online: Stats: Continue vs. CPU wins are not tracking properly

12) Mini Camp: Precision Passing: Passing is extremely difficult to perform after the Rookie level

13) Online: In Game: Receiver button must be held down well in advance for the ball to go to the proper player

14) Play Now: In Game: When you're in a cover/zone defense, players on the outside will stand still on a QB scramble or pass in the flats

15) Play Now: In Game: When an opponent's QB scrambles, defensive players will not move more than about 10-15 yards behind the line of scrimmage

16) Play Now: In Game: QB’s can throw bullet passes over 15 yards while scrambling backwards or to their weak side

17) Play Now: Audio: The line “They’re running the same play” will play when kicking PAT’s

18) Play Now: In Game: In the 3-4 defense, OLB’s often move over the line of scrimmage while running their pre-play scripts

19) Play Now: In Game: CB’s or Safeties on man-to-man will sometimes follow a different receiver after the snap, causing someone to be wide open

20) Play Now: In Game: Big hits are too effective causing receivers to drop the ball too often

21) Online: In Game: Continuing against the CPU after an opponent quits causes challenges to become disabled

22) Online: In Game: Continuing against the CPU after an opponent quits causes your audibles to revert to default but yet shows them properly in the audibles screen

23) Online: In Game Pause Menu: Pause menu appears entirely blank and forces the user to reset their Wii

--------------------------------------- ------------------------------------Hi all,

The Madden Wii dev team asked me to post up a thread where you can post any issues or concerns you're having with the game. They'll be looking through the thread periodically to be sure they're aware of any issues you're reporting with the game.



The list will be updated sometime this week

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List of things supposedly fixed For wii 10'
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